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The Best Collection of Teaching Methods and Materials

Unique Teaching Techniques, Used In The Most Prestigious Schools and Universities.

Educate the World Initiative, Inc (ETWI)
A Non-Profit organization, made up of volunteers, who are trying to assist schools around the globe, to join together to restore education on our great Planet Earth.

We work hand-in-hand, along with professional educators and volunteers around the world in a noble bid to restore education to its original purpose; to assist students in learning critical thinking skills so they can live as sovereign beings on this great Planet, while reaching their highest potential. 

We offer a plethora of learning materials for anyone to use. Our educational materials are available, as a thank you-package, to those who donate $299 USD and above. These ‘Thank You Packages’ can be donated to the school of your choice or kept for your own personal use. [Learn More…]

Educate the World Initiative, Inc.

Thank You Packages

Educate the World Initiative, Inc.

ETWI Thank You Packages consist of  unique teaching techniques, used in the most prestigious schools and universities, to the teachers in the slums of the rainforest and large cities as well as to remote villages across the globe. Together with teachers, parents and children, we can build our educational system to become a child-centered, practical and exciting learning hub for all ages.

With a wide range of learning materials, consisting of 3 Zipped Folders, with comprehensive content but not limited to the below:-

Reach Out Letter for Invitation to Participate in Volunteer Program for Community Hours. The volunteer program includes two initiatives: the Study Buddy program and the creation of educational videos and materials. Click Here to Download the Reach Out Letter.

Kindly Donate

All your donations are tax deductible through the Educate the World Initiative, Inc., a non-profit. We are here to assist you, so please feel free to reach out to us. We are the education specialists and want help you in restoring education around the globe. We appreciate any in-kind donations, in any amount, to continue to assist our affiliate schools. Thank You!

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