We are Educate the World Initiative, Inc (ETWI)

A Non-Profit organization, made up of volunteers, who are trying to assist schools around the globe, to join together to restore education on our great Planet Earth.

We work hand-in-hand, along with professional educators and volunteers around the world in a noble bid to restore education to its original purpose; to assist students in learning critical thinking skills so they can live as sovereign beings on this great Planet, while reaching their highest potential. 

We offer a plethora of learning materials for anyone to use. Our educational materials are available, as a thank you-package, to those who donate $299 USD and above. These ‘Thank You Packages’ can be donated to the school of your choice or kept for your own personal use.

Our philosophy is simple, we abide by the Natural Law to Do No Harm and believe that every human being has the potential to co-create their own learning pathway so that they can literally change the face of education today and be the creators of their futures, uninfluenced by any outside agendas.
Educate the World Initiative, Inc.
We are a non-profit that does not consider religion, politics, doctrine or dogma, an influence in our schools and we don’t include any of these in our curriculums. Our main goals are to:-
  1. Provide the resources to meet the critical needs of each of our affiliate-schools by delivering funding for critical needs, for children, with the most basic of needs, such as; nutritious foods, potable water, clothing, shoes, and learning materials, including internet access for all.
  2. Additionally, we bring children together through our Global Learner’s Success Forums where they can create an international network of friendships and are better able to understand each other’s lives, their living conditions and their cultures.
  3. We also provide teaching methods and materials (videos and articles), at a nominal fee.
  4. And lastly, we would like to help every school to obtain a computer package and internet access. 

Our Team of advisors includes professionals from all walks of life which have established a collegial relationship between parents, teachers, professors, coaches, academists, and other professionals who exchange ideas, class project plans and solutions to problems which haven’t been addressed in the current educational system.

We bring unique teaching techniques, used in the most prestigious schools and universities, to the teachers in the slums of the rainforest and large cities as well as to remote villages across the globe. Together with teachers, parents and children, we can build our educational system to become a child-centered, practical and exciting learning hub for all ages. 

We represent and empower our communities! We can bring the Light and the Hope to everyone who desires a change. We welcome you with pure and good intentions, to come together to create solutions for the Restoration of Education.

The Educate the World Initiative will bring the newest and most creative learning techniques to anyone that wants to Restore the Planet. Are you ready to help?

In addition, we are offering a “Study Buddy” program, where high school and university students will teach your children how to learn efficiently, how to create passion projects, as well as how to define your lifetime goals, which will assist in reaching a student’s highest potential.

In addition, we have created a Learning Style Inventory for $39.99, where you will learn your strengths as to how YOU learn best, along with the percentages of your visual, auditory, kinesthetic… learning styles. Knowing you and your student’s learning styles will give you boost up, in creating an active learning environment, where everyone can be successful.

And coming, soon, we will also offer a special, 2-hour consultation session with some of the top educational trail blazers in the industry, where you can learn about your personal learning style and how you can be an effective learner, and learn how to learn. So, watch for details coming soon. 

Educate the World Initiative, Inc.